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A vintage 8 Ball pool activity with multi player steps, incredible physics and wonderful graphics. Sink the weird or even balls, in that case call the pocket for the 8 baseball. Most of us received a lots of messages from you guys in which you asked us to manufacture a working hack to get 8 […]

Posted May 2, 2013 by

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A vintage 8 Ball pool activity with multi player steps, incredible physics and wonderful graphics. Sink the weird or even balls, in that case call the pocket for the 8 baseball.
Most of us received a lots of messages from you guys in which you asked us to manufacture a working hack to get 8 Ball Pool activity. So , heihei is the coolest in addition to working 8 Ball Pool Identify special made for all swimming pool area fans. 8 Ball Swimming pool area Hack can add unlimited Swimming pool area Coins Temple Run 2 Identify. Continue reading… » without cost, and it’s employed by Facebook, Android in addition to iOS version of the activity.

The true secret to winning is thinking ahead. Avoid pointless fouls by planning your images. Think about the future shot after your current picture to decide where you want the cue baseball to stop. Bad preparation often causes the cue baseball to end up willing where your lite flite is obscured and difficult cascade over or causes a the begining. Or worse; wreckage the 8-ball by mistake which could cost you the action. To achieve the cue ball at your fingertips is very valuable in your case oponent so avoid everthing prices.
The choice of stripes or debris is not determined for the break. The options is determined only once a player legally purses the first ball from a sacrifice of fowl.|leaving the|a|using} break. If your player pockets both a and a stripe inside same shot, they must choose which band of balls they wish to play. If your table is open as well as a player strikes often the 8-ball first, this is well known as a foul along with the turn rotates to the next player who obtains ball in hand. In the event any balls were pocketed within this foul, they keep on being pocketed and the table is considered “open. micron If the 8-ball is definitely pocketed when it is not really a huge legal shot the action ends and the guitar player who illegally pocketed often the 8-ball loses the action.

That game is fun and challenging. Is considered difficult to mount a challenging run with only several pockets, however , a farmer has many opportunities to make a safe have fun with. In addition, a farmer quickly learns the fact that black 8-ball is another baseball.
A novice to billiards? Very well, that probably means occur to be new to eight-ball, far too. In this video course, you will learn the laws and regulations into the 8-ball game, in conjunction with some of the essential frameworks to receive, the participant, started playing swimming pool area.


102 comments on “8ball pool hacking tool

  1. lets roll on said:

    I was wondering if i could get banned for using cheat engine to get points in Black ops 2 zombies playing solo. Can I?

  2. Lachlan on said:

    I’d like to know how to perform all the skillcapes emotes on Runescape through the use of Cheat Engine.

  3. happyha31 on said:

    pls post the procedure of how to increase the fps ( frame rate per second ) of any game using cheat engine!

  4. TommyKay on said:

    I just want to get some Farmville cash (NOT THE COINS) but every cheat engine I find that can help with the cash flow problem is not Mac compatible! I’ve been at this for two days! Please, can someone help!

  5. I know how to use cheat engine but its not working on minecraft. It says unknown extension. Any ideas?

  6. Mr SoLo DoLo on said:

    I see people with cheat engines on youtube all the time and was wondering where i could find one.

  7. Andrew S on said:

    I play a game called urbaniacs and it does not use flash so much. I want to know if I can alter its stats with cheat engine 5.5 even though it does not use flash.

  8. I have Cheat Engine 6.2 now how do you use it to get crowns in Wizard101 ?

  9. soccermaster1 on said:

    Lik say is i want to change the amount of ammo i Have on The Last Stand without using cheat engine? Like If it says 60/100, i can change it to 999/999. Thanks guys and please give me a program that will do this.

  10. Taylor2k on said:

    i tried using the basic way of hacking something w/ cheat engine but it didnt work so i multiplied everything by 8 then by 4 and still didnt work … if anyone knows how to hack dead frontier the online mmorpg please help

  11. hank baseballs on said:

    Some people that play Rune-Dayz, (its a really cool private server) they use cheat engine to get unlimited HP, does anyone know how to do that? Can you tell me if you do?

  12. Zack Faria on said:

    Where is the best place to download cheat engine for farm town and farmville? If i download it, is there anyway my computer can have viruses or make it slow? So is it basically safe for my computer?

  13. Malcolm Hudson on said:

    I want more money. I dont want to pay and i dont want to download any cheat engines. Anybody know how to? Please help and if you dont know please just dont answer. Thnx(:

  14. Mr SoLo DoLo on said:

    Is there any way to get tons of cash in webkinz world without taking hours to earn it? How do you get tons money in Webkinz World with Cheat Engine cause I tried many times and could never get it to work.

    What are the steps for this??

    If you know the answer please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. nathan on said:

    In Feeding Frenzy 2, how do you edit values using Cheat Engine 5.6 to make eating fish give you more growth?

    I need some help guys and gals any info? Do you have to go to Memory view or something like that?

  16. have faith on said:

    I am trying to get more inventory space, my potions keep piling up in my inventory, and also in my stash. I’m wondering how to get more inventory space with cheat engine, step by step.

  17. xLittle21Yaox on said:

    How do i get more mall credits and cash on mallworld on facebook using cheat engine?

  18. Taylor G on said:

    I have tried to use a trainer i made with cheat engine on vista, not working, then i tried on xp, works fine. anybody can help?

  19. mavis24 on said:

    i am playing ninja saga but i can’t find any cards to claim codes for it so someone who has a cheat engine to make up codes for it can you please put the code on here?

  20. I play Maple Story, and i can play without cheats, but cheats are very fun! I have Cheat Engine, and I have no clue on how to use it! How do I make it so i can use Cheat Engine with Maple Story, so I can have cheats like: Unlimited health, Unlimited mana, do alot of damage, blah blah blah. List everything I will need, and where to get it, and you get the cake!

  21. Jerosh Nagulachandran on said:

    I have cheat engine 5.5 and I am playing a game where I want to change the value of something. That something I want to change the value of is not based on numbers, but pictures (like dogs and fruit and stuff). I don’t know the value of these. How can I find out what they are and change them?

  22. Jerosh Nagulachandran on said:

    I need it for some simple racing and shooting games on a site that i am a member of but everytime i lower the speed it says error your computer is to slow, but its because the speed is being detected on cheat engine. How do i make cheat engine undetectable or how do i make it stop doing this.

  23. nasty1 on said:

    Now I noticed that some websites say that using the cheat engine for Farmville will banned your Facebook. Is this true? Because if I just wanted to know if using the cheat engine on Facebook is bad.

  24. Superman on said:

    What is cheat engine and how do you use it ?

  25. everythingisgonnabefine on said:

    I downloaded cheat engine but… I don’t know how to use it! help!

  26. Gundown64 on said:

    i tried everything. a cheat engine but i cant unlock the survey and dont say buy the card.

  27. Scott W on said:

    I have cheat engine 6.1. I have seen numerous different codes but i need the newest ones and how to do it.

  28. I have heard that my friends use cheat codes in GTA and many online games. What is cheat engine basically and how do I download it?
    P.S. Can anyone also tell me which is the latest version of CE?

  29. I’m trying to use Cheat Engine 5.5 to change the values of my money and my experience in Farmville. It works, meaning the values ‘Appear’ changed but really are not. I can take advantage of that level and money as long as I don’t refresh the page. When I refresh, my coins, my experience, and anything I bought with the cheated coins is reverted back to normal. Is there anyway to keep the values the same no matter how many times I refresh.

  30. addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior on said:

    I got bored and downloaded Cheat Engine 6.3. I figured I’d edit the code of a few old games I stopped playing. Except, I have no idea what I’m doing. I went through the first few tutorials but still have no idea I’m doing. I can find the value but I cannot seem to change it. When I do nothing happens and it reverts back to what it originally was. Do I have to do something more complex than just change the value?


  31. Travoiz on said:

    how step by step how do you use cheat engine on runescape to make fake money? or items like rune plate body(g)

  32. Smashing Pumpkins on said:

    Where is a place on the internet that I can download cheat engine from and not get a virus on my computer?

  33. mr flibble on said:

    To know about cheat engine!

  34. Johnky J on said:

    I share a laptop with the rest of the family, and my Dad’s the only admin (except the default admin account). I used to use cheat engine on our old laptop, but now it is restricted. How can I run it, or is there a Good alternative program?

  35. Marlon P on said:

    in a website my points are only 300 ,can i change it to 2000 through the cheat engine??

    If yes then how?

  36. Courtney on said:

    I have cheat engine 5.5 and on a game (online) I want to get more cash (in the game called urbo’s). But I don’t know how to use cheat engine on urbaniacs. Any help?

  37. Brody S on said:

    i dont know why but i cant see it there. i downloaded a winRar file of cheat engine but i cant find anything there to use.

  38. lcollier93sbcglobalnet on said:

    I watched a video on youtube on how to speed up torrents and it says to download cheat engine. I downloaded it and it really worked! But is it illegal? Will something bad(like having to pay a lot more for internet) happen?
    @J WTF you’re right. I just checked the speed. I always knew that torrent speed would be fast if my internet speed is fast but when this thing showed 300 kB/s I thought it really worked.

  39. Ok I googled it and couldn’t find it. Any cheats in truth would be good, but a cheat engine or some way to cheat would be wonderful. Please no comments about the wrongness of cheating. Thanks :)

  40. Beavis on said:

    I’ve downloaded Cheat Engine 5.4. I want to use it on games on the internet and I know that the information is stored in different ways (like float, 8byte, 4byte, binary, double) in different games. I want to know how do you determine the way it is stored. Please help.

  41. I was wondering how to hack damn birds with cheat engine, nothing i have tried works. Please help me. Thanks

  42. lucasg615 on said:

    I have cheat engine 6.1, but almost every game i try to hack doesn’t work. And iv’e been using Cheat Engine for quite a while now. What games have worked for you recently? Thanks :)

  43. Dr Hank on said:

    I cannot change the budget of Barnet using Cheat Engine!
    Please describe how to do it step by step!

  44. tefa_96 on said:

    Does the cheat engine money hack really give you all those coins on wizard101, or does it just display it? Because i tried it, and it said that i still couldn’t afford it.

  45. Le Pwner on said:

    Im looking for a website where i can download a good cheat engine. can u give me a list of websites where i can download a cheat engine?

  46. Kristian on said:

    I was wondering if the 9.5mm snooker cue with a brass ferrule would be a better pick for 8-ball just for the simple reason that you have to be more accurate on a 12 foot snooker table then on a regular 7-9 foot pool table. I just want to make sure before I spend the money that there isnt a specific reason why people dont use snooker cues for pool and be out the money. Thanks.

  47. thexbox360player on said:

    I love 8 ball pool. do you have any tips for playing it, and any special or fancy terms to use?

    plz explain in detail.

  48. Hannah on said:

    What are the best rules to use for playing pool? I am talking about stadard pool – “8-ball”.

    Any suggestions?


  49. My best run is a 44 and whenever I practice I usually get several runs in the 20s or early 30s but lately if feels as If I am not progressing at and staying at the same level.

    I really want to get good at straight pool.

    Please note if you don’t know the difference between Straight pool, 8 ball, 9 ball etc please don’t bothering answering. Last time I asked a straight pool question I got mostly answers about holding the stick and chalking LOL

  50. stealspartansbcglobalnet on said:

    I want to invite to play my friend in 8 ball pool on mobile, and i dont know even how to search for friends
    Thanks for the answers

  51. Jeanelle the Retard on said:

    I used to really enjoy 8 ball pool, but lately, you need loads of credits and it is really annoying… anyone else annoyed?

  52. Joey 01 on said:

    Does he win cuz he knocked the 8 ball in or lose cuz he knocked the cue ball in?

  53. If you scratch when hitting in the 8 ball in pool do you still win?

  54. I play allot of UK(8-ball) pool. I am a decent potter and decent at positional play. But no matter what I do the Cue(white) ball keeps jumping off the table at least half the times I break. Surly someone out there must have had the same or heard of the same problem!!!!!

  55. everythingisgonnabefine on said:

    If I understand correctly, the opponent has the ball in hand and he can put it wherever he wants on the table. But a friend of mine is persistent in his rule, which he says was explained to him by a pro player, that you put the white ball on that black spot and you mustn’t hit a ball on that half of the table first. Also, he says that on the end you must pocket the eight ball in the same pocket where you put the last ball, but I think that is wrong too…

    So who is correct?

  56. NC Baller on said:

    I would like a list of apps for Apple and Android products that are competitive. For example, the app Draw Something because two or more players can compete against eachother, or 8 ball pool where two players face off. People who can name these apps please separate them by Apple or Android, and also if you could name some apps with Apple/ Android compatibility (Both devices can play the same game) you will get best answer.

  57. Kaylla on said:

    I’ve played 8-ball, 9-ball, one pocket and I’ve heard of straight pool even though I’ve never actually played it. Are there any other games that can be played on a regular 9-foot pool table?

  58. Jeracoo L on said:

    What if you miss (scratch) when shooting for the 8-ball in a game of pool?

    Does it matter if the previous shot to shoting for the 8-ball was your shot?

    Can you EVER miss the 8-ball when (when shooting for it) and NOT lose?

  59. Con Orpe on said:

    When people play 8 ball pool, you have to rack them. But how do the balls go in order. I need to know.

  60. kevindiking67verizonnet on said:

    A dart player who also plays 8 ball pool (he is better at darts than at pool) said darts is more difficult than pool. That cracked me up. Clearly, pool has more variables (like cloth speed, cue etc) and there is bigger % of luck involved in pool compared to darts. Also in pool, you are playing your opponents directly who can force you to make errors while in darts, you are actually playing by yourself to hit a certain score. Your opponent in darts cannot directly influence you. So IMHO is more difficult but what do you all think?

  61. Jerosh Nagulachandran on said:

    After I finish a match with an opponent on Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer it says “I want to play again” How do I accept this request? Nothing pops up etc. There doesn’t seem to be an “Ok” or “Yes” option available?


  62. thinkthought on said:

    this game to be exact looking for some one who i played theres a id number also any idea how to find there FB?

  63. In 8-ball pool, my opponent and I had finished pocketing all the solids and stripes. Either one of us had to pocket the 8-ball to win.

    If one of us tries to pocket the 8-ball, but misses and the cue ball never hits the 8-ball, is it considered a foul? Would the opponent get a ball-in-hand?

    Provide a link to the site with 8-ball rules and regulations if possible

  64. Marlon P on said:

    I really like the 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer game on, the physics and looks are very nice but there is no chat. Then there is OMGPOP, where there is a chat but the game itself is hideous. Are there any good online multiplayer pool games with chat?

  65. rashest_hippo on said:

    I have been playing the Miniclip 8 Ball Pool game on my android phone and have reached level 38 but my tournament mode still shows ‘coming soon’…how and when will it get activated?! Please help!!

  66. there are awards to unlock on the 8 ball pool multiplayer that are to do with tournaments but there in no option in taking part in one when you choose to play the game.

  67. nothin_nyce1 on said:

    Im male (obviously). i play sports with females on many occassions, and its quite difficult to play against them. exmaple, in rough sports i never am able to tackle them down, and i never target them in dodgeball. and in 8 ball pool i always let them have another shot when they completely screw up. so why is it so difficult to play against girls?

  68. Chester on said:

    Do we have to take the cue ball and place it to opponents preference.

  69. Jonathan on said:

    I’m a fan of small cue tips, I often play 8-Ball with a 9mm snooker cue.
    I know that’s too small for 8-Ball, and I want to buy a new cue so, what size should I settle for? And what’s the optimum size for the game?

  70. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag on said:

    Also, what happens when you pot the 8 ball and the cue ball on the same shot?

  71. tefa_96 on said:

    Hello all. I’m looking for a beginner pool (8 ball) cue that is inexpensive and reasonably good. What is the price range that I should look for? What is the appropriate length and other dimensions? I don’t want anything crazy, just something I can practice with.


  72. Goe122 on said:

    So far I only have one friend on miniclip, Rob, and he is automatically added onto your friend list when you join up. I have seen several ways to add friends in multiplayer games (like my favourite, 8 ball pool multiplayer) but I do not know how to add them onto my player page as friends. It is very confusing! Anybody know how?

  73. Xbox Gamer on said:

    Ok I have just put my name down for an online 8 ball pool tournament but they will not let the tournament start till the have filled the 65 places, I think about 28 places have gone.
    If anyone is up for it and they think they have the skill to win, reply to this question and I will send you or add the details to this question.

    Although I want you to enter so it starts sooner , I still think I will win it or atleast win runner up prize .

  74. Roflcopter on said:

    Me and my friend are skyping and we live very far form each other (I moved away a while ago) and we want to play online games. we were on miniclip playing 8 ball pool multiplayer but we would rather action games and stuff… which games can we play?

  75. Scott Bull on said:

    The age old question that has started many fights in pubs and clubs. In pool (8 Ball) can you shoot backwards from the D if your opponent fouls?

  76. Sergeant Pickle on said:

    9 Ball (For me it was 3 Racks in a row)
    8 Ball (For me it 2 racks in a row) I don’t play much 8 ball
    Straight Pool (For me 41 Ball Run)
    Bank Pool (Broke and ran a rack once)
    10 Ball (2 racks in a row)

    I am most proud of Breaking an Running the Bank Pool (Though Running 2 racks in a row 10 ball was cool too)

  77. Maggie on said:

    I am planning to buy samsung galaxy tab 2. will i be able to watch and download youtube videos on it and play games on facebook that require flashplayer like 8 ball pool?

  78. whitesoxfan2347 on said:

    Ive been trying to get a higher rank on 8 ball but i don’t know how .. Can you tell me pls ?

  79. Matthew on said:

    I won the “Downtown London Pub” tournament on 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer and in result I won 150 pool coins and a free bonus cue but I have no idea how to claim/use the cue I have received my pool coins but cannot claim/use my cue? Please help!

  80. John G on said:

    I am trying to use cheat engine 6.3 to hack the coins in 8 ball pool.I have done it succesfully and it dislplays my pool coins on the game after i collect the 25 coins.i seen on youtube.
    i try to buy stuff but it does not let me and it does not let me play higher money games
    please tell me what i am doing wrong…
    any questions in the answers i will add extra detail

  81. Scorch Delta-62 on said:

    I have a client who enjoys shooting 8-ball pool and is fairly decent. He’s been asking me about forming a league and I was wondering if such a league already existed. Any info?

  82. everydayGuitarist on said:

    Me and my friend, Sam, have reached a disagreement about pool. I shot the 8 ball in the pocket that I called on my last shot, but I also sunk the cue ball. Do I still win, if not, what do I do? Thank you.

  83. in playing 8 ball pool. if a player calls his shot on the 8 ball and does not call a combination and the 8 ball hits of the other players ball before it goes in the called pocket does it count as a legal shot or does he have to call the 8 ball of the opponents ball.

  84. So me and my friend were playing pool and then at the last shot his white ball went inside with 8 ball, does he lose? (please cite your info so i can prove to him that he lost)

  85. rndmaktn on said:

    I have been playing the Miniclip 8 Ball Pool game on my computer windows 7 and have reached level 76 but my tournament mode still shows ‘coming soon’…how and when will it get activated?! Please help!!

  86. jordenkotor on said:

    I am playing online pool but i am clueless as to how to select on my own, the hole convenient for me to place the 8 ball.

  87. I did go on my computer, onto miniclip and added my photo from Facebook to there. I do play pool on my computer sometimes and my account is logged on and it is also on my iphone app 8-ball pool so my accounts logged on to that. However, when I play on my phone trees people with pictures but mines doesn’t

  88. stingerms on said:

    Im playing in a tournament on sunday and im used to 8 ball. What are the strategies to the 9 nine ball game? How should my mentality change?

  89. Roar me R on said:

    If I understand correctly, the opponent has the ball in hand and he can put it wherever he wants on the table. But a friend of mine is persistent in his rule, which he says was explained to him by a pro player, that you put the white ball on that black spot and you mustn’t hit a ball on that half of the table first. Also, he says that on the end you must pocket the eight ball in the same pocket where you put the last ball, but I think that is wrong too…

    So who is correct?

  90. If I understand correctly, the opponent has the ball in hand and he can put it wherever he wants on the table. But a friend of mine is persistent in his rule, which he says was explained to him by a pro player, that you put the white ball on that black spot and you mustn’t hit a ball on that half of the table first. Also, he says that on the end you must pocket the eight ball in the same pocket where you put the last ball, but I think that is wrong too…

    So who is correct?

  91. veemodz on said:

    My friend and I were playing pool and I sunk the 8-ball on the break.

    I had never done that before. Is that a win or a loss?


  92. I understand that there are multiple leagues that each have their own set of “official” pool rules. This leads to my question: For the average pool player in the United States, what pool association is recommended to follow for these “official” rules? I mostly play 8-ball.

  93. everydayGuitarist on said:

    9 ball, 8 ball, straight pool, snooker, bank, missouri

  94. EzioAuditore1459 on said:

    I mean if at the end of the game, you call a hole to get the 8 ball in but it takes a wierd bounce and goes into another hole. Do you lose the game or what happens.

    Thanks in advance to any help

  95. Vultre9 on said:

    my friend and I were playing pool and he hit all of his balls in. So he calls a pocket for the 8 ball and hits it in but there were too many balls in the pocket so the 8 ball bounced out and landed in a different pocket. who wins?

  96. vanvark83 on said:

    I have just recently got a pool table. It’s been like 3 days now and I played a lot on it. I just realized today that there were some weird white marks that look kind of distracting on the covering. (by the way, it is red color). So what are those marks? How do you get rid of them?

    Also, one more thing, my pool table is an 8 by 4 and i have american 8 ball pool balls. Could I buy snooker balls and play on my table? Or is it too small?

  97. what is a good website to play 8 ball internet pool that i dont have to pay WHERE THE PLAYERS ARE FORCED to place to cue ball in the kitchen after a scratch? im tired of playing yahoo and 8 ball mini clips where ppl place the cue ball in a perfect position to run the table after you scratch. links please?

  98. Michael on said:

    Hi, I download cheat engine 5.4 and I want to know how to get a lot of money in farmtown facebook. Thanks!!

  99. Mackenzie P on said:

    I want to become a free memberbut Cheat Engine is too hard to use. And none of the CP trainers work anymore. So if you could help me plese do. :)

  100. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused on said:

    i tried cheat engine 5.3 forrunescape and i got 300 mil but everytime i try to trade it or put it in the bank it dissapears. do i need a newer version of cheat engine or what?

  101. kamikami on said:

    I’ve tried everything but I cannot find anything that can get me free neopoints. Could anyone help me get A LOT of neopoints without using a cheat engine or paying???

  102. Terrence on said:

    Do most 8 ball tournaments allow trick shots? Nothing to crazy mostly just hopping the cue ball over other billiards to get it to another point on the table and jumping it on top of the rail and making it roll past other billiards pretty much similar to 3 cushion carom.

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