Monster Galaxy cheat engine 6.21

Monster Galaxy cheat

Monster Galaxy cheat

How to  hack Monster Galaxy?

USE: This tool

  • ADD Moga Cash.
  • ADD Gold.
  • ADD Starseed.
  • ADD Whistle.
  • Browser Compatibility.

How to use Monster Galaxy Cheats Tool?

  • Download Monster Galaxy Cheats Tool below.
  • Log in to your game account.
  • Run Monster Galaxy Cheats Tool.
  • Activate the software using the activation key above.
  • Select and Input the options you wanna activate.
  • Refresh your browser to see the results


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Struggle and tame hundreds of outrageous monsters in this epic roleplaying adventure, already beloved by simply over 2 million participants!


More than 125 unique enemies to catch!
An epic story spanning 14 island ranges!
Incredible hand-painted graphics!
A great intricate plot inspired by simply legendary author/poet James Joyce!
OK, we were lying about Adam Joyce.
To defeat typically the loathsome King Otho, you’ve got to catch and train your own personal team of monsters, check out fourteen huge levels as well as quests for some truly odd characters.




Monster Galaxy is surely an exciting new role-playing online game where you can fight and acquire over a hundred wild enemies. Join your friends on an amazing adventure as you battle collectively to tame the zodiac and save the world! Could you catch them all?


A Guide to Your current Monster Galaxy Adventure
Hello there, Poke-, I mean Moga Tamers. Welcome to the walkthrough regarding Monster Galaxy. I’m the best guide, Raiten Ka.


This guide is usually served as a purpose to prompt new Moga Tamers to everything about Monster Galaxy as well as supporting giving tips and information to people in need.


If there are an information I’ve forgotten to incorporate or there’s an update I actually haven’t heard, please PM HOURS me by strolling your current mouse over to the antelope underneath my name in addition to click “Private Message. ”




Latest Update: * : My apologies for my own} hiatus leave and struggling to update the guide.


5. – Soul Harvest can be found in the Sky Cat Go shopping. Have your Moga Funds ready to get some awesome Mogas and items. In addition , you may decide whether to spend 12-15 MC to try your good fortune or 50 MC to boost your luck on Very Spin.
*- Want your Prize, but too very lazy to go through your email bank account or can’t find the case? Well, there’s a link to typically the Daily Prize page on the Daily Prize post. Follow on it and you will get your award. Click here for shortcut to the write-up.


49 comments on “Monster Galaxy cheat engine 6.21

  1. SKATEskum on said:

    I need 4 more to evolve but i forgot where i can get them…does anyone know?

  2. How can i download monster galaxy:the zodiac islands for android free?

  3. i really like that song but i don’t know what its called.anyone know?

  4. if anyone know or how or where to download monster galaxy cheat hack, please can someone share it to me? i already came through many cheat hacks but ended up cannot be used it due to some survey issues and paying money to download. can anyone give me a free link? jut one click and Lo! instant download and ready to use (and ofcourse, for free) your help is greatly appreciated. thanks!

  5. These monsters can suck a star like piece of cake and disappear.They use lot of energy for a great mission.

  6. I love monster galaxy but i need coins to capture mogas also has to be the easy and the free way
    please help

  7. Agent 47 on said:

    I got the game about when it came out, started it got to the first mission thought I would like it I didn’t like it AT ALL it was a waste, the font style bothers me, and it just isn’t my game I rather trade it in for a game such as Super Mario Galaxy 2 but before I was wondering how much would the game be worth with the trade? I might also trade in My Sims Kingdom it was a joke, that my friend gave me.

  8. nasty1 on said:

    i have an error in monster galaxy hack it say error netframework but i have net v4… what can i do? but i download the netframework that require in the hack and i install it,, says its already installed in ur os…

  9. My Monster Galaxy on Facebook and Gaia is not loading. Someone told my to clear the Cache then. I truthfully do not know how to do that….. Haha! Anyway could someone tell me how?
    ~~Thanks so much!!

  10. Sometimes I’ll get a warning that says, “This page has insecure content.” and I can choose whether to load it or not. Is this just Google Chrome being really protective or can games Monster Galaxy on Facebook do any harm?

  11. friendly 4 on said:

    Does anyone know some shows/movies about People on the run from aliens such as
    War of the Worlds

    Or where they go to different planets on missions or exploring like

    A list of movies and shows like that will get best answer.

  12. borabora5524 on said:

    I think it was an animated movie as the start obviously was. There is a monster of some sorts involved in the scene like one from Monsters Inc by memory (hazy at that) The earth ,the universe, like an insignificant atom…

  13. Gundown64 on said:

    I got the card recently in the Abyss Rising Sneak Peek on Nov. 3, 2012 and I really want to use it, but it requires two Level 9 monsters to summon it. So how can I summon it quick and easy?

  14. Whats a good card that can change multiple monsters to lv 5? I have a number 53: heart earth but it needs 3 lv 5 monsters. Its easy getting 2 but its hard for me to get 3 out onto the field. I also have number 93: heart earth dragon which needs 3 lv 9 monsters but i can use galaxy queens light. Any good spell cards to help me out with my situation?

  15. forahobby on said:

    I just got a wii friday and got super mario galaxy and loved it and also got Mlb2k8 and liked it. I want to get more games but I want to see what everyone liked most.

  16. Im trying to evolve my wasabee, I captured 3 of them and i have 4 evolution potions, but when i tried to evolve it it says i currently don’t have any potions…what do I do?

  17. Caltel T on said:

    I’m trying to summon neo galaxy eyes photon dragon but my deck has no level eights so I need a card to help me change there level.

  18. balinderk2000 on said:

    I currently have the Monster DNAs, the pause button works but I want to be able to answer calls and use the volume button, which it won’t work for me. I am trying to find a good pair of headphones that are compatible with the S3. Thanks!

  19. I have just started playing monster galaxy and i would like to start over now i know how to play but i don’t know how

    I cant delete my profile and start a new one as i would like to keep my other games (Cityville in paticular)
    any help here?

  20. Hi! Does anyone know how to level up your critters faster on Monster Galaxy on facebook? Or just any way I can help my little buggers out? It takes me ages to get mine even one level up, sooooooooo frustrating!!!
    Ta for all your help!

  21. stingerms on said:

    Wat would be a good name for an online RPG game that is similar to Pokemon. Collecting monsters, battling and trading with friends online. Please any ideas.

  22. ericmreitz on said:

    I have a bb, but I want to buy a samsung galaxy instead but don’t want to carry on paying for bbm and stuff if I don’t have it? So can I change it or will I have to wait till my contract ends?

  23. Boo Cookie on said:

    I keep looking for an app as good or better or maybe even little worse than Monster Pet Shop. I’m addicted. I was wondering if anyone has found anything. Preferably free, by the way.

  24. Taylor G on said:

    I remember they would play against other monsters/ghouls in the underorld or something. They wore red jerseys I think.

  25. Caltel T on said:

    i did it once before, but seemingly i cant remember how to do it. Can anyone help?

  26. sick_mick_101 on said:

    How many solar systems in a galaxy? And how many planets in a solar system? And how many black holes in a galaxy?

  27. uberfailz on said:

    I’m looking for something fun to watch. It mustn’t be childish or trashy, and I’d be glad to something not involving card collecting and/or monsters and/or combat for the sake of combat. It can however consist of unnatural elements, and the acting has to be at least credible (as much as it is possible in an anime series). For example, ‘Death Note’ is awesome, ‘Fruits Basket’ – though cute – is kindda lame, and ’11 eyes’ or whatever it’s called is total trash.
    Thanks for helping!

  28. Mathew on said:

    For instance, recent observations conclude that Andromeda has consumed many Galaxies and indeed as you are likely aware, the next “meal” will be our Galaxy.

    Just wondering if this consumption would end in a series of super dense black holes or something else maybe.

    Any thoughts?
    Some Very Good Answers Here!

  29. Hayden on said:

    If I uninstall the monster galaxy app on my android phone, and install it later, will I still have my same monsters?

  30. I understand that there is a percentage of galaxies that so far overmatch ours in size that one of them could eat the Milky Way for breakfast and not bother to count the calories. Is that so? How common are they? Please list a few such galaxies and give a size comparison. On a scale where our galaxy were represented as a centimeter in diameter, how big would the Monster Galaxy be?

  31. The Inc on said:

    I like animes such as record of loddess, Galaxy Express 999, Cowboy bebop, all of Hayao Miyazaki works, grave of fireflies, Mushishi. Please no high school dramas or Naroto like shows.

  32. I’m trying to beat Owlreed, the first almost boss like thing, and I have no idea what zodiac sign is best or just good against him. Can you help???

  33. Lucas H on said:

    How do we know the right side won? Let’s face it, the God of the old testament ( et. al.), is a pretty appalling evil monster. A case of the winner writing history perhaps, or should we simply be grateful that the whole story is so improbable it can’t be true?

  34. Dr Hank on said:

    Two years ago the Galaxy was wracked with problems, mostly because of the addition and preferential treatment of Beckham. Not surprisingly, the team went nowhere.

    Last year they pulled it together and narrowly lost the MLS cup.

    What went wrong in 2008? What went right in 2009? I’d really appreciate links to a really good articles. Thanks!

  35. Kristian on said:

    Hey everybody, I need some help. I have so many new emails piling up on my Gmail because of a game I played a couple years ago on Facebook. Is there any way that I can make them stop sending the daily prize to me? It sends me one every single day. It rarely skips a day. If it does then they send me 2 the next day. I’ve looked at the dates. Its making it hard to look at my other emails. Can anyone help me?

  36. I love monster galaxy but i need coins to capture mogas also has to be the easy and the free way or any hacks for this game ?
    please help

  37. Le Pwner on said:

    Most of my mogas are low on health, I don’t have any coffee to boost them. So I was wondering how do you get them to sleep?

  38. I have wifi. I am into combat games and 3d platformer. The factors are graphics, gameplay, how long it takes to beat, which is worth more for the 49.99? Does Monster Hunter tri have good graphics?

  39. RuMKilleR on said:

    i have collected the power stars. all 120 of them. I want to know what to do when i collected the all. what are the green stars talking about when the say “the monster”.
    the stars talked about some kind of emerald jewels or something and say i have to destroy the monster what are they talking about

  40. I can’t seem to kill the (I guess they are dirt monsters) the ones that look like children that come up out of the dirt. They kill me every time! UGH!!!!! If you could help that would be nice. I’ve tried to do the spin move but they still kill me, I’ve tried running away but they chase me! Please Help!

  41. llb443 on said:

    I saw a outherespace horror movie set in a space ship with a young crew, some prisoner they catch up and a huge bug-like alien monster. OK it isn’t Event Horisont or even Starship Troopers 1 or Alien. I think it’s set in last ’90, and that (those) monster(s) was maybe red? Most memorable moments: that young crew feel good, they were chating, little fighting as well (some who is the boss in here) and CGI was good enough. The crew as I remember is on first trip. Please help. I googlize it for months!

  42. blarg blarg on said:

    I play monster galaxy app on my 8g iPod touch and it did work but. Ow when I turn it on it goes to the title screen lIke loading screen and then it takes me back to the home screen. I guess Crunchyroll too..
    I was going to delete it and install it again but then I might lose my data. I think but I don’t wanna risk it.

  43. Lasagna delivery guy on said:

    I’ve been playin monster galaxy ( an application ) and I wanted to know whts the best moga ( monsters r called mogas )

  44. I’m quite the thinker when it comes to new decks in the format that do the most so i try to cut them down.. I wanna run my version of black garden deck.. but im lookin for cards that can return my monsters attack and to its original base. so far i have Book of Moon, and Wind-Up Zenmaister. is there any other cards?

  45. Lasagna delivery guy on said:

    In Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii, I saw an odd light floating off in the distance. It was pulsating, and I found it in the first Star of Melty Monster Galaxy. Does anybody know what this thing is? If not, if you have access to hacks, could you please fly to the object for me?
    @DarkPower What do you mean pics? It was an odd pulsating UFO-like light.

  46. Alina Elliott on said:

    That has great same sound and the control talk works for Samsung Galaxy S3
    I prefer bluetooth/wireless but wired can be fine and all black. Meaning the cord has to be black as I wear these at work under my black headset and cannot be seen with any other color.

  47. Im trying to play a new game on Facebook called Monster Galaxy. I really want to play it but everytime I try to says something went wrong and the need to restart it and I prush OK but then it says the same thing. Help -please?

  48. brincks26 on said:

    I have a couple apps like music monster, gtunes, and mp3 download but none of them have songs i really want. Im looking for underground music like phora self provoked ab soul ill bill reverie ect. Help please :(

  49. I made a new facebook account for monster galaxy for star seeds…I chose chiberus and i really like that moga…I wanna find one and capture it but i can’t.. i dont wanna leave my account without chiberus because there i have spike, tama and winja… CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE CAN I FIND CHIBERUS??? PLS!!!
    PS: and what level…?

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