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52 comments on “slotomania slot machine Hack Version 2.47

  1. Keegan on said:

    The coin mechanism is not working properly on my slot machine I recently bought used. I just talked to a guy that said he can fix it to take tokens only. He said it’s illegal to have them take quarters in the state of Pennsylvania. Is that true because I can’t find much on google? I didn’t search real well though. I’ll have to keep doing some research on it.
    Just wanted to add that it’s for a game room in my house and not for a business.

  2. Phillip123 on said:

    I am going to Vegas and plan to gamble at the slot machines mostly at the flamingo. I know you can get free drinks while you gamble but my question is what kind can I ask for. I like fruity drinks like pina coladas and margaritas which I imagine I cannot get for free… What can I get that is free but does not taste horrible????

  3. XplicitzZ on said:

    We have a ballot question this year where they want to put slot machines in a huge outlet mall in our area. Would slots being at the mall make you any more or less likely to shop there with your children? Or allow your teens to shop alone at the mall?

  4. The Dark Knight on said:

    I’m interested in working on slot machines but have no idea what kind of courses I would need to take for such a thing so any advice would be great.

  5. morbiusdog on said:

    I often wonder how slot machines determine when to pay the big progressive jackpots they have, like the Wheel of Fortune that you see in Las Vegas. The last time I was there that jackpot was over 5 million. What determines when it is hit and how often it is hit?

  6. Wooooody on said:

    Falcon Queen is one of my favorite slots by Aristocrat. Does anybody know where I can play this slot machine online for real money?

  7. andresumoza on said:

    I’m a California voter and I heard that each slot machine can earn over $100,000 per year. If that’s the case, then we are being screwed by the new Indian gaming propositions.

  8. white man on said:

    I want to create a really cool and kind of realistic slot machine game with visual basic. I want it to have the spinning when it is choosing a random number and stuff like that. If you already have one or know a website with one, where it has the code and all the text boxes and pictures and stuff please tell me..

  9. Hi. Does anyone know if there is a game that lets you play blackjack and/or slot machines on your tv set at home? My Dad used to love to go to the casino but cant get out anymore. He is not into using the downloads you can use on a computer so we are looking for something he can maybe play on his tv at home. Thanks.

  10. Benihana on said:

    Both are 100% chance for example nobody can predict what hand they’re going to get in a card game, as the cards are shuffled (unless it’s rigged). So why the double standard between the games? Is a slot machine more “chance” than the Lotto which is legal?

  11. NC Baller on said:

    What casinos in Las Vegas can I find coin operated slot machines? I love them and want to actually use coins and get coins back on any winning combinations.

  12. andresumoza on said:

    I have always wondered if it mattered if you stopped the turning of the wheels early or not on a slot machine. Do they spin the amount they do merely for the user’s amusement? Say you hit the ‘spin’ button and you let it do it’s thing and it lands on star-seven-star-star. If I had pressed the ‘spin’ button again during mid-spin and made the reels stop early, would they have still landed on star-seven-star-star? Or would the results have been different?

  13. Jermaine J on said:

    I here you should never play on VLT machines, only regular slot machines. Why?

  14. have faith on said:

    Its just that fruit machines and slot machines are pre-programmed so that you lose. The whole point of gambling is that you have a chance at winning something.

  15. sarah w on said:

    For my friend’s birthday, I’m having a Vegas themed extravaganza, so I’m planning on building a slot machine. I just want it simple, something where if you push a button or pull a lever it rotates, and then I could construct the outside from cardboard. More than anything, I’m wondering how I’d put this little push button system together. Any thoughts?

  16. nick s on said:

    I am building a fictitious Las Vegas casino for a Econ project and I need to know how many slot machines would a Vegas casino (like the Palazzo) have.
    I’m thinking about 150,000 sq ft. Something like what the Palazzo has.

  17. floydian8717 on said:

    I live in oklahoma and some gas station stores have slot machines next to the arcade machines. I won $20 off one before. How are they able to do that? I dont think its on indian land. A couple gas station stores have slot machines in them around my area.

  18. Jeffery Carlson on said:

    Is it normal to lose 2000 dollars in one day playing slot machines at the casino? Or is my friend just plain unlucky? Can you lose a lot of money playing the slots? And can you lose money quickly playing them?

  19. Michael K on said:

    I actually know of two stores that have hidden slot machines. I know that stores with slot machines that trade wins for prizes is not illegal but I have seen the clerk pay cash to people who have just won.

  20. JDOGG1122 on said:

    the slot machine came from the SANDS, Vegas.

  21. Beavis on said:

    I know that there are certain concepts that people do to get an edge on playing slot machines, like what machines you should play based on location and how much to play. I’m still learning about how to play slots and I’m looking for a good reference on slot machine strategy.

  22. encyclopath on said:

    See now me and my dad have a old Alladin slot machine but it’s like brand new, no dust, no scratches, in fine working order, all lights work. It’s flawless so i was wondering how much it’s worth we think it’s worth 2,,500 since the original hotel is gone and they don’t make Alladins any more.

  23. Moore, Ron on said:

    I have personally seen others and myself hit the bonus feature on a slot machine when we are down to our last pennies. Magically, the bonus feature comes up when we are playing a ridiculously small amount. So, are machines set to do this or is it my imagination? If this is true, is it harder to get the bonus feature if playing the maximum amount?

  24. floydian8717 on said:

    I am building a fictitious Las Vegas casino for a Econ project and I need to know how many slot machines would a Vegas casino (like the Palazzo) have. I’m thinking about 150,000 sq ft. Something like what the Palazzo has.

  25. If they know what their doing and have some luck. are there slot machines that can make somebody a millionaire? Or mostly in the 6 figures?

    Also I live in LA and the casinos I go for is always Las Vegas.

  26. JOHN KAISER PHD on said:

    I have recently recieved a slot machine called “Magical Odds”. I want to remove the nudy lady and bring the winning odds down. I have been told I need to change the DIP setting on the logicboard but have no idea on how to do this? I have found four blue sets of switches on the board but would have no idea on which ones I would need to begin switching.

  27. Michael on said:

    I just want to have a slot machine to keep in my house to play at my own leisure. I figure it will be a good way to save some money and then treat myself to something when I win. First of all, is this legal? And secondly, what is a good slot machine to buy? I see that most available online only accept tokens. I want mine to accept quarters. Any suggestions?

  28. ConfusionnaJob on said:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems obvious that when slot machines win more than lose, then they are not random.

  29. If the rate for Return to Player is set too low for Slot Machine, then noone play.
    If the rate for Return to Player is set too high for Slot Machine, then Casino make no money.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to manage a Slot Machine to maximize the profit?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

  30. JDOGG1122 on said:

    You’re at the casino playing a quarter slot machine. You have a bucket of quarters that you’re using to feed the machine. You’ve been playing for an hour and haven’t really hit anything big. You’re friend comes over to ask how its going. You explain that you haven’t been very lucky. So your friend reaches into your bucket, grabs one of your quarters, puts it into the machine you’ve been playing and it hits for $250,000.

    What do you do? Keep all the winnings for yourself? Split it with your friend? Give your friends a small portion? Give the whole thing to your friend?

  31. Rishabh Bajpai on said:

    Do you know of a way to go about selecting a slot machine that will pay out big? Is there a better day or time of day to play slots? Any tips or suggestions would be awesome!!!

  32. heavenly sword on said:

    I saw a Jimi Hendrix slot machine that had a guitar neck for the handle.

  33. Maggie on said:

    I want to play on the slot machines in the gaming centre but there is only a crap game called voltorb flip lv.1 when i talk to MR Game.

  34. I want to find an online casino with the Double Happiness slot machines by Aristocrat.

  35. Slot machines make 70% of most casinos revenue, making billions yearly. The state lottery also reaches that achievement. Which makes me wonder, what are better odds of winning a prize and the payouts for it. Also unlike the the lottery are slot machines anyway rigged?

  36. soccermaster1 on said:

    All the pro gamblers I have talked to have said avoid slot machines like the plague. They say learn to play a table game like Blackjack and get good at it. But slots are never a good idea. Why?

  37. Kaylla on said:

    What are the features of the canadian dollar bill that makes the slot machine determine what denomination of bill it is? Is it the serial number or perhaps the watermark? Im curious…. anyone know?

  38. Are there any left? I’m not really a gambler but I’ve always wanted to play a real slot machine and all the new ones are just dumb computer screens. They just don’t have the same appeal plus they seem like bogus because the computer animated ones could have thousands of symbols making it nearly impossible to win. A mechanical slot machine is limited by the size of the reel to have less symbols.

  39. easton j on said:

    there are plenty of themes for slot machines, there were anime, or cartoon characters, fruits and beautiful ladies, so which among those themes are more eye-catchy and interesting?

  40. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused on said:

    For my friend’s birthday, I’m having a Vegas themed extravaganza, so I’m planning on building a slot machine. I just want it simple, something where if you push a button or pull a lever it rotates, and then I could construct the outside from cardboard. More than anything, I’m wondering how I’d put this little push button system together. Any thoughts?

  41. che-che on said:

    I want to buy a slot machine and put it n a club or bar. But I don’t know if I need a permit or license. I live in New Orleans. Help please

  42. Gundown64 on said:

    Have you ever played a slot machine like say wheel of fortune for example and you notice the digital displayed progressive at the top that is rising. My question is if many casinos combine into this jackpot how is it linked? Via internet? Any casino insiders out there?

  43. You can lose a quarter on a game of slot machine but usually you lose a lot more on a hand of poker, so why is one legal and the other not in California? (aside from on Indian reservations).
    Isn’t playing the Lottery 100% chance? That’s legal too.

  44. Hi! I whant to become a slot machine technician. With what I should start?

  45. Mark M on said:

    My girlfriend has this slot machine, fairly new.
    I cannot provide a model # or anything but it is a fairly general question.

    Inside, on the control panel where you turn it on,
    she broke the key inside the on off switch.
    It is like an igniton, you put the key in, turn it to on etc.

    Is there anyway to replace the entire igniton?
    If so, how.
    Or any easier suggestions?

  46. Motordom on said:

    The site wizardofodds recommends that you use a player card if you play the slot machines… I don’t know what one is and where to obtain one?
    I have played several times in the last few week and have beat the odds so far (setting a limit on my money) and setting a limit on loss from winnings. On the wizardofodds it makes it sound like using the player card changes your odds. Or is it just that there are other rewards?

  47. uberfailz on said:

    What age does a person have to be to play slot machines, or any other games. If someone just turned 18, can they play too?

  48. Recently purchased this little slot machine and want to fix up the inside. But I don’t know how to get the mechanism out of the casing. Any one help?

  49. Terrence on said:

    I live in oklahoma and I went to the firelake grand casino and it had class 3 slot machines. I think the casino in my town has class 2. Whats the difference? Also firelake has poker and roulette but the casin in my town only had slot machines.

  50. The slot machine Dream Time is one of my favorite slots. I am looking for an online casino with this video slot by Aristocrat.

  51. Sometimes at a casino the slot machines seem to be loose and paying off while most of the time they seem to be tight and not letting but a few winners, Can the casino change the payout percentage on the slot machines electronically?

  52. Maggie on said:

    The payback percentage of a slot machine on a single play is usually around 90. This means that if 100 people play a dollar slot machine, on one pull $90 will be given as winnings. Now for subsequent plays part of the money played is won money. My question is, in the long run what is the percentage of the total new money spent that is casino profit? Don’t forget that most players will keep putting their money back in until they have lost their limit. Very few walk away with the jackpot.

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